Where it all began

Frank Patrick James (FPJ) has lived and breathed music for the better part of his life. Growing up in the small towns north of Detroit, FPJ drew sustenance and inspiration from the archives of classic American R&B, Rock, Folk and the British invasion.

FPJ’s work ethic is paramount. From 12 week tours to 12 hour studio sessions, Frank’s energy and commitment to character are the catalysts that define his brand. While out on the road with Mike Leslie, FPJ was discovered by Detroit producer Bryan Reilly, and subsequently signed to a production deal to release an EP with independent label Decibel Records. Shortly after finishing drum tracking with John Dudley and Sammy Boller of Citizen Zero, the studio and label suddenly and unexpectedly dissolved.

With nowhere to call home and half a record, FPJ joined Citizen Zero on the road in support of their major label debut. After a year and a half, FPJ earned the resources he needed to return to the studio to finish what he had started. Now, thanks to Steve Lehane and Rustbelt Studios, FPJ is pleased to finally announce his debut release, Hey Gone.

From East to West

From private house concerts for VIPs to the world famous Whiskey a G0 G0, Frank Patrick James (FPJ) has mesmerized audiences across North America.

FPJ’s songwriting, singing and guitar style is a refreshing departure from today’s tired pop scene, yet you’ll find his tunes feel as familiar and mesmerizing as the dog-eared stack of vinyl sleeves in your favorite uncle’s smokey basement.

Just one listen will tell you this: FPJ is real. Like well-worn denim or your favorite boots his music has a time-less fit.

Discover my music, my inspirations

Gregg Allman, Terry Reid, Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Levon Helm, Freddie King, David Crosby, Steve Winwood, and Leon Russell are just a small sample of the players that led FPJ to begin writing songs. It takes only a few bars to hear the influence, and a few lines to understand a similar life experience with a distinctive Detroit flavor.

« Just one listen will tell you this; FPJ is real. Like well-worn denim or your favorite boots his music has a time-less fit. »
– Bryan Lowe, Managing Partner, 20 Front Street